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Ask The Sinkhole Expert!


Sinkholes are a big problem in the state of Florida. As a real estate company we see the devastating effect they have on people and their property. Watch the following video about a company that specializes in the repair of sinkholes and how they help people get their lives back. Mizz Homes actively helps people market and sell their sinkhole damaged homes and if that is you  contact us today.

The Sinkhole Guy at APT, a Sinkhole Repair Company

The Sinkhole Guy® has been stabilizing and restoring homes throughout Florida for more than a decade. With a team of licensed contractors, certified engineers, inspectors, and repair specialists, The Sinkhole Guy® at Advanced Pier Technology will guarantee that your home will literally never sink, settle, or shift again. Schedule a free inspection or consultation today by calling 1-888-440-SINK (7465).

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