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Short Sales

Short Sale your Central Florida Home

Specializing in Clermont, Winter Garden, and Windermere

Short Sale Options!
Short Sale Options!
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We can negotiate with the banks on a settlement at no cost to you. In some cases, they’ll even provide cash at closing to help you relocate. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us so we can show you some of the new options that are available.

Yes, You Can

Most people in your situation get a lot of misinformation. It’s scary. It might even seem impossible. Our Short Sale team will help you even if you surrendered your home to bankruptcy.

  • Get your home out of your name.
  • No fees to you.
  • The bank will pay all commissions and closing costs.
  • Save from foreclosure and judgments.
  • Rebuild your credit.

Move On

The number one thing that slows Short Sales down is inexperience. Most agents don’t know how to talk to the banks.

  1. Call us at (352) 241-6363 to set up a free consultation.
  2. We’ll share some information with you that will make you feel more comfortable – instantly.
  3. We’ll negotiate with the bank on your behalf.
  4. The bank pays all commissions.
  5. The bank pays all closing costs.
  6. In some cases the bank will give you cash at closing to help you relocate.
  7. Our Property Management team will help you find a place to relocate.
  8. Move on to the next chapter in your life.



“Thanks so much for getting our Short Sale done for us. You have saved us a great deal of Heartache and Money. You will always have our business and we will refer you at every opportunity. Your the Best, from the bottom of our hearts.”
John and Virginia

“It is hard for me to write this because of the overwhelming gratitude our family has for you. Words are not enough. We were in desperate measures when I first called you for information about a short sale. In fact we were terrified because we had no idea of what we should do. Due to lost work time and the economy crash we just could not afford our house anymore. You took the time to talk me through everything that was involved with a short sale. As you know it still took us months to get back to you. Of course I now know how dumb it was for us to wait. Everything you said happened and was more then what we expected. I told you then that we could never repay your service and that we would be eternally grateful for your help. NOW YOU HAVE DONE IT AGAIN!!!! IN ONE YEAR YOU HAVE US BACK IN A HOUSE!!! MUCH MUCH BETTER THEN THE ONE WE LOST IN THE SHORT SALE! I am sure this is just your daily business but to us you were sent from heaven. YOUR OUR HERO AND WE LOVE YA!!!! Anything you ever need please don’t hesitate to ask. A Million Thank Yous!”
Your Extremely Satisfied Clients!

“I was referred to Steve from a friend. It was a great decision. Steve saved me from Foreclosure and helped save my credit. I would recommend him to anyone. I was treated with courtesy from everyone in the transaction and the closing was handled efficiently.”

Schedule a free, no-obligation Short Sale Consultation










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